While in Ragusa Ibla, you should not miss a thing that is worth visiting and experiencing, such as one of the most charming rooftops you would ever see: the B&B Terrazza dei sogni (literally meaning “The terrace of the dreams”).


The B&B is located steps away from the Giardino Ibleo, in a tiny and traditional Ibla’s alley, where an antique building of the early 900s was renovated to create a unique mix of “old” & “new”. The B&B is suitable for all kinds of trips and stays in the Ragusa Shire, however the highlight of the building is surely represented by the wonderful terrace on top of it. The view will make you breathless (please watch the gallery to have a small preview of what we are talking about!). The terrace is usually used at breakfast during almost the whole year, as the weather is often good enough to eat outside, or it can be used as a relaxing/inspirational area or as a solarium zone.


Every room is a result of the contrast between the natural stone, coming from the area of the Ragusa Shire, and the recent renewal, bringing comforts and a modern beauty, in order to have an unforgettable stay. Last but not least, you can enjoy an early morning breeze opening your balcony, as every room has one, feeling as a “real Sicilian”.


If we have convinced you enough, we recommend you to visit their website and enjoy the gallery below kindly offered by ©B&B Terrazza dei sogni.


IMG_2525-2 copia Terrazza dei sogni Ibla IMG_2150 IMG_2157-HDR IMG_2223-HDR IMG_2324-HDR IMG_2375-HDR IMG_2444-HDR IMG_2246 IMG_2480-HDR IMG_2111-3
Terrazza dei Sogni Ibla Ragusashire

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