Donnalucata is a small fishing village belonging to the area of Scicli. It has thousand of years recalling its origins and the numerous communities of conquerors that actually came across this beautiful place.


There are some rumors talking about a very ancient presence of populations in Donnalucata, such as the Greeks, the Normans and the Phoenician, who probably detained a slavery market in this area. All these movements created a unique history that nowadays is possible to see through “il Convento delle Milizie“, an ancient cloister built between 1903 and 1098; the church of Santa Caterina di Siena and the old harbor.


Today Donnalucata’s beauty is offered to tourists and people passionate about the Ragusa Shire and mostly populated during the summer holidays. If you are very lucky, it is possible to go to the beach until November, with warm temperatures even in the water.


We warmly recommend to visit the large and white beach of Donnalucata during the day, eating the best gelato (ever!) at Luna Rossa (red moon) or walking in the romantic frame of lights of the promenade at night.


Enjoy the video we chose for you and send us your feedbacks and pictures!

The Promenade The river and the Sea The Beach The Dock The view from the dock Promenade at sunset The Promenade & the cliff The Dock View The boat The facilities of the beach Nature
The Promenade & the Cliff




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How to Reach the Ragusa Shire

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