Is the most important centre of the UNESCO World Heritage in the Noto valley and the oldest part of the city of Ragusa (political capital of Ragusa Province). In facts, currently Ragusa is divided into the old centre (Ibla) and the upper town (Ragusa). In this article we will speak about the old centre.
You have to know that the last big earthquake in 1693 destroyed pretty much the entire city of Ibla, that was totally rebuilt in baroque period. Now you can smell that in every street of the town, discovering one of the 100 Catholic churches which demonstrate the opulence of their inhabitants.


Ibla is famous to have been the backstage for a lots of famous Italian movies such as Divorzio all’Italiana (directed by Pietro Germi), L’uomo delle stelle (directed by Giuseppe Tornatore) but also, more recently for the famous TV show Il Commissario Montalbano.


Many foreign travellers have written very nice blogs and magazine articles on this city, so feel free to google it to discover more and obviously come back here to have a native’s view on that 😉.


Especially in the summer, Ibla is crowded every night because of the tourist coming from all over the world (in particular from Germany, UK, France and US). They enjoy the 1858 garden overlooking the beautifull valley created by the Irminio river as well as the 100 churches, some of which are opened until midnight to the visitors.
But most of all, I believe they enjoy the several restaurants with outside tables offering a deep taste into the Sicilian cuisine (fish, but also great vegetables recipes coming from the poor tradition), such as the outstanding I Banchi .
Definitively you cannot miss a dinner in Ibla with your friends (in the nice pubs all around the cities, sometimes on the most hidden corners ) or with your loved ones.


Enjoy a small gallery just to dream a little bit.


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