Literally, it means: Dry Spike. This is the town hosting the famous terrace of the Inspector Montalbano, hero of the very famous TV fiction watched and translated over the world in more than 18 countries.

It is 15 minutes away from Marina di Ragusa by car or 25 minutes by cycling across the beautiful seafront pedestrian way starting from Marina di Ragusa harbour.


Punta Secca is also famous for having a beautiful lighthouse and a pretty small harbour still used by the local fishers or by the tourists to make a quick break from a sea trip to enjoy the panorama.


Furthermore, there are several pleasant beaches where small wooden restaurants and bars are located. You will recognize the famous restaurant on the beach Enzo a Mare, where Montalbano spends enviable lunches and dinners.


While you are in Punta Secca, you definitely cannot miss a swim pretending to be the most famous Italian police man right in front of his beautiful house!


Talking about food, the fish is more than fresh and worthy to be tasted at (at least) one of the particular locations of the talented Joseph Micieli that you will find around the main square at the lighthouse, but we also recommend to taste the delicious and several kinds of arancine (small cone of fried rice flavored with vegetables, meat or even fish) at Gli arancini di Montalbano.


Enjoy Punta secca and send your comments for sharing your experience.


Punta Secca - Montalbano's House Punta Secca - The Lighthouse Punta Secca - Sunset Punta Secca - Promenade Punta Secca - The Beach Punta Secca - The Beach Punta Secca - The Lighthouse at night




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