Backpackers and adventurers: THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!


The time to host people from all around the world and with all the pocket-size has come. In fact, the Ragusa Shire has welcomed a very special hostel in the heart of Ragusa: the Sanvito Hostel.


The location is perfect for all of you, who want to walk around the city of Ragusa or to reach Ragusa Ibla through the old suggestive path (full of hundreds of steps with some glorious spots to take the best Instagram pictures) that connects the two parts of the city. Sanvito Hostel is dedicated to all those people who like to discover our territory with friends, family, partners or just for a nice solo-travel. A romantic travel or a school trip (groups are more than welcome!)? It does not matter, thank to its different rooms’ formula: from the double private classic room to the 4/6 bed dorm (available as mixed or just for females) to share the experiences with your friends until midnight or to get the chance to know new people and stories during your stay.


Among all the services offered, it is interesting to highlight the free pasta for all the guests, the personal lockers for leaving safely your belongings, the chance to rent a bike or a car for trips outside the city, the laundry/drying facilities if you are doing a long tour or you just need your favorite t-shirt for a special evening and Netflix for all those who cannot lose one singol episode of the favorite serie or just want to watch a movie during a rainy day.


If you want to know more about it, click on Sanvito Hostel (but before enjoy our gallery!)


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