It is not a secret that in Sicily there are some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. However, not all of them are good for families with children or possess enough facilities to make them spend a day at the beach having all they need to relax.


This is why we want to tell you that the Ragusa Shire just got the “Green Flag 2017” for having a lot of places suitable for children to play, to eat, to play and enjoy their family-time.


  • CASUZZE, PUNTA SECCA, CAUCANA: these are 3 villages one after another and here you can find fine white sand, beach resorts (where you can eat, drink, etc.), attentive lifeguards and a suitable water-depht for your children to play.


  • MARINA DI RAGUSA: it is appropriate to find all you need with a short walk from the beach or you can stop at one of the beach resorts and stay there the whole day, such as “Margarita Beach” or “Don Serafino”;


  • ISPICA, SANTA MARIA DEL FOCALLO: it is located between Ispica and Pozzallo. Here it is recommended to stop at one of the beach resorts such as Lo Scoglio, equipped with a very good fish restaurant and a lot of facilities for staying the whole day under the sun;


  • POZZALLO, PIETRE NERE: it is a city where people live here the whole year (not just for summer holidays) and full of beach resorts for you and your family;


  • SCOGLITTI: small (but beautiful) fishing village full of bars, restaurants and a wonderful harbour for the best sunset.


Have you found other nice oasis? Let us know!


© Pics’ by Carmelo Parisi, Locanda Don Serafino, Mamme Magazine


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