From the ashes of Alberto ( il Mago Del Pesce) a totally renewed restaurant was born in Marina di Ragusa. It is the second edition (perhaps the most refined) of the original Vota Vota in Sampieri.


The location is stunning, located in the front sea with big windows over the beach.


The menu, realised by a team of young and passionate chefs under the eyes of the clients, doesn’t differentiate between main course or starters , but only with pasta and without pasta dishes mixed in a turbulence of tastes well balanced and, at the same time, innovative in the use of raw materials (Sicilian and non): mostly based on super fresh fish.


A long selection of wine shall accompany the food journey giving a wide look in the variety of good Sicilian grapes and producers.


To finish traditional Sicilian sweets reinvented under a new sophisticated light. Don’t miss to drink one of the dessert wines which are an absolutely must in Sicily.


Family note: they were kind and gentle with our baby (as well as to us) and prepared two special dishes for him. He loved them!


And the last remark: it is open 365 days and they are very skilled in hosting foreign people.


Below we tried to visually summarise our unforgettable dinner. Photos are by us.


Vota Vota (candels) VotaVota Cucina Vota Vota (tavolo) Vota Vota (metre) IMG_5978.CR2 IMG_5981.CR2 IMG_5980.CR2 IMG_5982.CR2 IMG_6018.CR2
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