Anthos by Violart is a journey through the pure essence of the Sicilian art.


As the name is suggesting, this is the special world of Violart. Who is Violart, then? It is the nickname of the young Sicilian artists Claudia Causarano. Claudia was born in Scicli in 1985 and since she was a child, she developed a certain passion and interest for every kind and form of art. This is the main reason why she started to study art at the “Instituto d’Arte” in Modica and continued at the Art Academy of Florence. While everybody else was enjoying their adolescence and not thinking about the near future or career, Claudia was always thinking about art, about her passion and the way to transform that passion into something magical. Therefore, while studying, she started to visit the lab of a local artist in Scicli, who used to work the pitchstone: here she started to learn how to sculpt. In order to be close to her roots, she decided to attend the last 2 years of the Academy in Catania, specializing in restoration works and experiencing her learnings in several churches and noble palaces of Ragusa Ibla.


As you might have understood by now, Claudia is a tough woman, who does not stop at the first experience and wants to try everything. One day, thanks to a famous Sicilian artist, who works with terracotta and ceramics, she discovered this new kind of art and she decided to buy her own oven to experience something new and create, create, create.


Probably she did not know at that time that this one would be the right choice, but she decided to take this risk, no matter what. In fact, in 2015 she took the chance to open her own lab right there, where all started: her beloved Scicli. For all this, Anthos is not just a shop where you could find magnificent and unique pieces of pure Sicilian art, but it is the world and story of the brave Claudia. She creates those beautiful ceramics, renovates antique furnitures and she even turns wheels of the old Sicilian carts into original lamps or as pieces of interior designs.


All in all, if you love art, Sicily and beauty, stop by Anthos by Violart, you do not want to lose the chance to meet Claudia, do you?


Enjoy the pictures kindly offered by Anthos by Violart.

Anthos di Violart Anthos di Violart Anthos di Violart Anthos di Violart Anthos di Violart Anthos di Violart Anthos di Violart

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