The heart of Marina di Ragusa hides a lot of pleasant surprises: a vibrant nightlife, a beautiful coast, a very transparent and clean seawater and an amazing variety of street food locations. One of these is with no doubt the kingdom of the “arancina” (or still a male “arancino” for some Sicilians!!): Arà Arancineria.


The Arancineria is a small spot, with few seats inside and outside to taste your favorite arancina. If you do not know what an arancina is, well, you are missing a very big part of the culinary tradition of Sicily! No worries, we are here for you: the arancina is a fried rice ball filled with different ingredients. The traditional arancina is the one with ragout or with butter and ham. However, in the past years the young Sicilians experienced and tested a lot of different flavours and combinations that make the arancina forever young and hip! In fact, at Arà you can find the most incredible types, such as the arancina carbonara, arancina with squid ink sauce, with Sicilian salsiccia, the Sicilian norma and many others.


Moreover, if you are tired of the arancina and you want to try something else or new, Arà is also offering a quite wide range of good fish burgers.


Our best recommendation, however, goes to the one and only arancina with Nutella and a liquid chocolate heart (see the picture in the gallery below), which is a real pleasure for your taste, mind and soul!


Enjoy the gallery!


Ara Street Food - Marina Di Ragusa Ara Street Food - Marina Di Ragusa Ara Street Food Ara Street Food - Marina Di Ragusa Arancina with Nutella Ara Street Food - Marina Di Ragusa Ara Street Food - Marina Di Ragusa

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