In the heart of Ragusa Superiore, there is a quite new and exclusive location that will capture your attention. We are talking about Casa Qosi B&B!


The name represents a clear concept that for the Sicilian people is one of the pillars of our culture: hospitality. In fact, Qosi stands for Quality Original Sicilian Inviting. In the name, we can surely notice the primary role of the letter “Q”, which gives the name to the 2 Q-rooms of the B&B, but also because it symbolizes electricity and the light is with no doubts the one of the leading character of this place. The rooms are enriched by the design lamps from 1971 by Flos, a real vintage treasure. Moreover, every room has a private bathroom and every comfort you could ever desire.


The area of Casa Qosi is ideal if you want to travel around the Ragusa Shire, as it is 3 minutes walking from the main Cathedral of Ragusa Superiore and close by tons of restaurants, bar and cafés, such as our beloved Caffe italia (extremely recommended).


Enjoy the gallery offered by Casa Qosi and check their Facebook page for more details!



Casa Qosi B&B Casa Qosi B&B Casa Qosi B&B Casa Qosi B&B Casa Qosi B&B Casa Qosi B&B Casa Qosi B&B Casa Qosi B&B Casa Qosi B&B

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