Casina Grotta di Ferro Ragusa

This unique bed and breakfast is 15 minutes from the sea, but immersed in the Ragusa countryside with a very old and curious story. In facts, its name in Sicilian dialect means “iron cave“: let’s discover why.

During the Bourbon period (Eighteenth Century), the countryside villas used to be frequent targets of thieves and brigands. When these gangs were captured, people use to lock them in a cave closed by an iron grate, very close to the villa. This is why the Sicilian farm villa are defended by solid walls and they are similar to small fortresses (namely “Baglio”, which means fortified courtyard in Sicilian).

The villa has completely been refurnished by a lovely Sicilian family, including the “Baglio” and some rooms with a very typical Sicilian touch. Moreover, in the outside area, they have enriched the place with a stunning pool. This residence is 20 minutes driving from Marina di Ragusa, one of the most attractive sea places in the area. Within the property numerous activities can be organized, such as several kind of events, but especially Sicilian cooking class for the guests in addition to a variety of organized trips to the most beautiful places of RagusaShire.

Dive in with the amazing gallery of photos provided by the family and let us know what you think about it.

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