Nello’s seafood is a pleasant discover among the “new” restaurants in Marina di Ragusa. It is located between the vibrant Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi and the promenade, as a hidden place that you have to find in order to enjoy its essence.


Finally, this summer we had the chance to experience Nello’s restaurant with family and friends. It is interesting to specify that in the courtyard at the entrance, you have the chance to sit and enjoy Nello’s loungebar in the courtyard for an aperitivo or for a cocktail after your dinner. The former is what we did, in fact, we made our palate ready for dinner and then we moved to the first floor, where the actual restaurant with a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea is.


The restaurant and the lounge bar are run by young people: Massimiliano, the Restaurant Manager, Damiano, the Barman and last but not least Marta Denaro as Chef. They are young, but experienced and this is what we love from the people who like to make business in our land, in order to make it grow and evolve.


Let’s go now to the real review of the place, as we are already fascinated from the location, but..what about the food?


We had a “nciminata“, which is a local kind of bread, served as a fish burger (simply delicious!) and the mix of raw fish (highly recommended) as starters, combined with a recommended white wine, that you can choose to order either the whole bottle or just a glass of it. After the starters, my friends went for pasta with seafood and we choose the “calamaro ripieno” (filled calamari), “il Joia” (a mix of goatfish cooked in different ways with buffalo mozzarella on the side) and the “pescato del giorno in umido“, which depends on the catch of the day. Finally, we concluded our dinner with a fine dessert: the “mousse di cioccolato bianco” (white chocolate mousse), which is almost in between of a mousse and a gelato, very interesting and tasty.


The final price for us was between 35 and 45 Euros per person (depending on the wine and other personal variables), which is very good in relation with the quality and the kind of the food we ate.



Nello’s seafood is totally approved by the Ragusa Shire Team and if you are in Marina di Ragusa is a MUST.


Enjoy the gallery of our dinner below.


Nello's Seafood Nello's Seafood - Marina di Ragusa Nello's Seafood - Marina di Ragusa Nello's Seafood - Marina di Ragusa Nello's Seafood Nello's Seafood - Marina di Ragusa Nello's Seafood

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