Scoglitti has been, as well as its neighbourhood, one of the locations for the tv serie “Il Commissario Montalbano” and it is mainly known as a touristic place, which becomes peopled during the Summer season.


The main income of Scoglitti is with any doubt the presence of the harbour, built in 1879 by Rosario Cancellieri. However, before that it has been always perceived as one of the main sources for Scoglitti’s profits. Specially during the 18th century for exporting the famous wine Cerasuolo, produced in the lands nearby. Nevertheless, in the harbour can be noticeable the significant presence of the fish market, where a lot of privates, restaurant owners and tourists come only to buy and taste the real fresh fish, fished during the whole year on a daily basis. This is the main reason why in Scoglitti you can surely find two of the most particular restaurants within the Ragusa Shire. In fact, our sincere recommendation goes to Sakalleo (especially for raw fish) and Oste Nero, which you can surely not miss if you drive to “Schugghitti” (Scoglitti in Sicilian).


However, fish is not the only attraction that leads people to this village. In fact, Scoglitti hosts many traditional events, such as the San Francisco Festival in July, in order to honour the Patron of the borough and the procession of the Vergine di Portosalvo (Virgin of Portosalvo) in August.


Enjoy your time in Scoglitti and send us your feedbacks and pictures!


Picture by © Giuseppe Franchina
Scoglitti's promenade Scoglitti's promenade IMG_3131 IMG_3129 IMG_3130
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