The “Fornace Penna” is an old abandoned furnace built between at the beginning of 1900. “Fornace” is the Italian term for furnace and “Penna” is the surname of the Baron, whose company helped to build it.


You would probably wonder where have you already seen it. This is a very important and crucial place in one of Inspector Montalbano’s episodes, called “La Mànnara”. The furnace was built in a convenient place, as the sea bottom is suitable for ships, the railway and the clay’s cave were not so far away and there was a significant water source in the area. This building represented the center of trades and work for many years, especially for young people around 16-18 years old, until it was set on fire. Nobody know who was the author of that fool act, however the rests of the furnace stand today still, as the proof of something old an not forgotten.


The furnace is registered in the area of Scicli, however to reach it, from Marina di Ragusa, you can drive to Marina di Modica and you will find it on your right side, on the coast. A magical place where to see the sunset through those old windows, take fantastic photos and feel Montalbano for a day.


Enjoy: it will be worth it!

Pictures by Angelo Giglio.

La Fornace Penna La Fornace Penna La Fornace Penna La Fornace Penna La Fornace Penna La Fornace Penna
© angelo giglio

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