Ranking the best 5 seafood restaurants in the Ragusa Shire is not very easy, as the coast represents a meaningful and vital part of our territory that makes the challenge even more interesting for us.


Moreover, tons of new locations are coming to life every year, thanks to the passion and devotion of local talented professionals.


Our recommandation is based on a mix of subjective human emotions and impressions given by the experience we had in the following restaurants:


  • Vota Vota (Marina di Ragusa): completely renewed and in front of the sea, this location is an extension of the existing temporary restaurant (Vota Vota in Sampieri) and it offers a curious combination of the traditional dishes of our area and the creativity of the chefs, which make the dishes unique;


  • Cucina Costiera by Scjabica (Punta Secca): it is one of the three locations recently opened by the Chef Joseph Micieli and together with Scjampagne and Scjabica Cuoco Pescatore represents the essence of his nature and passion for the food and his territory;


  • Sakalleo (Scoglitti): one of the most reputed raw fish restaurant in the RagusaShire. 3 generations of chiefs. With the mixed starters you can complete the entire meal. It is worth to visit Scoglitti to eat there.


  • Nello’s (Marina di Ragusa): recently opened, but it is already a success. In the summer don’t miss to booking if you want to find a seat. Great terrace over the sea and it is located in the middle of the nightlife of Marina di Ragusa.


  • Ristorante Don Serafino (Ragusa Ibla): the aristocratic Ragusa Ibla is the background. The chief is ranked as one of the best in Italy. The place is digger in a cave. Must to visit in Ragusa Ibla. A dinner is quite expensive but always worth.


Enjoy and let us know which one is your favorite!

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