If you are wondering how to reach the Ragusa Shire, we would suggest to firstly understand how to reach Ragusa, which represents the main intersection for all the other destinations.


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From Catania (or Airport of Catania): take the SS (regional road) Catania-Ragusa (around 100 Km), which will take around 1:15-30 h.


Attention: If you like to take the high-way, newer, but not so faster: be aware that it is the longest way.






From the Airport of Catania costs around 100 Euros.


From the Airport of Comiso costs around 35 Euros.







Check the different departure/arrival points clicking on the main website of bus transportation of our area: http://www.etnatrasporti.it


Recommended: Catania-Ragusa (costs less than 10 Euros) & Comiso-Ragusa.

Attention: If you decide to take the bus, check it out the time & the day (and even if, be aware that there are not busses after around 8:30 p.m.).







Arrive at the International Airport of Catania

Arrive at the International Airport of Comiso 


We personally prefer to arrive at the Comiso Airport, as it is very close to Ragusa&co. (around 20 minutes by car/bus).


Choose your favorite transportation way and enjoy your next trip!




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