Passion is in the air. Commitment shines in his eyes. The Fisher-Chef Joseph Micieli, even being a young man in his twenties, is a guy to monitor (and even to follow considering his strong presence in the socials).


Punta Secca is the stage. The house of Commissario Montalbano makes the background. He is the protagonist of a fresh cuisine based on fish, but also the creator of three sparkling spots in Punta Secca: Cucina Costiera by Scjabica (the Bistrot), Scjampagne – L’Aperitivo dello Chef (the perfect place for a unique aperitivo with fresh fish and wine) and Scjabica Cuoco Pescatore (the Restaurant).



Cucina Costiera by Scjabica is the firstborn restaurant (or the Bistrot, as defined by Joseph) with a traditional fish and seafood menu but characterised by the hand and the eye of a fisher. In summer, we recommend to book 2 weeks in advance since is very liked also by the Sicilian people.



Scjabica Cuoco Pescatoreunder the shadow of the lighthouse – there is the top level restaurant of the brand where Joseph proposes his more sophisticated dishes. The seductive images below come from there. You can also find a selection of Riesling wines (not very common in Sicily): an appropriate combination together with the best seafood dishes.

And by the way, as the eyesight is as important as the taste, the creation of this project was given to our great friend, the architect Fabrizio Occhipinti Amato, who made excellent work also for your eyes and comfort.


Scjampagne – L’Aperitivo dello Chef is a bar where you can chill out, drinking your aperitivo while having a small preview of what is waiting for you in the other two locations and what Joseph is capable of.


We can bet: we will hear great stories about this talented chef!


Enjoy our gallery (the photos of the dishes are taken from us during our last visit at Cucina Costiera by Scjabica)


©Pictures courtesy of Joseph Micieli


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