The ancient Sicilian food tradition does not concentrate only on the salty side. In fact, Sicily has been known and famously remembered for the most famous and particular dessert recipes: the cannolo and the cassata.


The former represents the first fantasy of every tourist in the moment he touches the Sicilian ground. It has the shape of a tube crunchy wafer filled with a creamy filling. The classic cannolo has ricotta inside, however it can also be found with cream, chocolate, pistachio, strawberries and many other variants as a result of the artistic culinary capacities of the Sicilian chefs.


The latter is a traditional cake with ricotta, liquor, candied peel, covered with marzipan. It was born in Palermo, but has immediately become a symbol for the Sicilian food tradition that we could not avoid to mention.


However, as every area of Sicily is different, so is the Ragusa Shire. Therefore we feel obliged to tell you more about our sweet traditions: the ‘mpanatigghi  and the Cioccolato di Modica. The first is a kind of biscuit made with chocolate and meat (yes, you have understood it well!), the second is one of the famous chocolate in the world and one of the most antique, coming from the Aztec and brought from the Spanish occupation of the Ragusa Shire.


Ragusa Shire approved to buy a cannolo and cassata:

Caffè delle Rose, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 25, Marina di Ragusa

Latteria – Caffè Storico, Corso Umberto I 28, Modica


Ragusa Shire approved to buy ‘mpanatigghi and Cioccolato di Modica:

Rosy Bar, Via Risorgimento 4b, Modica

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto, Corso Umberto I 159, Modica

Ciomod, Corso Umberto I 28, Modica

Caffè Italia, Piazza San Giovanni, Ragusa Superiore


If you are interested in the DOC products you should not miss to buy or try in Sicily, follow the upcoming articles.


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