Sicily is a land that has been conquered many times by several populations that have brought numerous cultures, various habits and traditions, including the culinary art. That is why you need to understand that in Sicily it is possible to find different food discoveries city by city. We want to show you what others have not and what you cannot miss to taste or buy when in our area.


Let’s start with the salty stuff! It is necessary to highlight a milestone of our history, which is the “scaccia rausana” (focaccia ragusana). There are three different styles to create the “cover” for the ingredients: the first one is realized a savoury pie, usually with vegetables (spinach, broccoli, eggplant, however during Easter there is a special version with lamb).


Schermata 2017-04-17 alle 12.40.44



The second one is created like a lasagne-roll and usually with tomato and optional cheese (Caciocavallo or provola):


Schermata 2017-04-17 alle 12.44.21


The third one is a unique piece called “sfuogghiu ri ricotta” with ricotta and our local sausages.




Ragusa Shire approved to buy your original “scaccia”:

Il Forno Distefano, Via G. di Vittorio 69, Ragusa

Girapollo, Via Risorgimento 15, Modica (“scacce muoricani“, i.e. Modica style)


Do you think we are forgetting something so popular to make people come from all over the world? NO, SURELY WE DON’T. Ladies and Gentlemen: the arancinA (only authentic Sicily-lovers know there is a cultural “fight” for the name of this food, however for us it is a SHE).


Schermata 2017-04-17 alle 12.39.38


The classic arancina is a rice ball that is possible to realize in two forms: a ball and a cone. The classic arancina is the one with ragù, however in the last years chefs and food-lovers have been created many extremely tasty variations.


Ragusa Shire approved to buy your original “arancina”:

Giovanna Leggio, Via S. Elisabetta 221, Modica

Arà Arancineria, Via Tindari 13, Marina di Ragusa


If you are interested in the pastry&dessert Sicilian tradition and the DOC products you should buy in the Ragusa Shire, follow the upcoming articles.


Stay tuned!

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