The Ragusa Shire offers a wide range of (water) activities, especially during the summer season.


We know that sometime it is pretty boring to lie under the sun waiting for a sunburn: you need some action! That is why we would like to suggest some alternative activities to make your stay unforgettable.


What you have to do is very simple: drive to Marina di Ragusa (on the coast) and decide if you want to have a relaxing trip on a boat or practice for the first time a water sport such as windsurf, kite-surf, sail or the SUP (stand-up padding).


There are three main operators that can “make your day”:

  • Arillà: located at “Piazza Dogana” offering you the chance to rent a boat (or a paddle boat) for a/half day, to play water sports, to experience a day trip to Malta;
  • Circolo Velico Scirocco: located at the “Lungomare A. Doria“, it is a private club offering courses to play water sports and much more;
  • Scuola Vela Ragusa: located at “Lungomare Mediterraneo” (at the lighthouse).


Last but not least in order of importance is an exclusive experience called “Montalbano Coast to Coast” for the Tv Show’s lovers. The trip lasts around 3.30 H and visits severals sites such as Scoglitti, Caucana, Punta Secca, Torre di Mezzo, Kamarina, etc. Find more information here.




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