If the sun hides himself behind the clouds..well no panic! You are in the RagusaShire, a spot renowned not only for the seaside, but also for the countryside and for its Baroque towns.


So, here are our tips to make the sun sparkles inside of you:


1) Castle of Donnafugata: one of the most charming locations in the Ragusa Shire and a very famous spot, where a lot of legends and stories weave together. Here you can take a suggestive tour of the castle, visiting some of the original rooms, walking around the ancient garden or you can try to find the exit of the magic labyrinth that you might not find.


2) Modica Bassa: this is considered the most romantic part of Modica; once upon a time it was characterized by two rivers that during the years have been covered due to the massive floods that caused some troubles for the citizens and the city itself. Now you can take a walk where these rivers have flown, as this area was turned into a boulevard called “Corso Umberto I”, trying not miss any of the tiny streets full of stories and secrets.


3) Ragusa Ibla churches: you would not believe it, but there are more than 100 churches in the territory between Ragusa and Ragusa Ibla. The former is the new part of the city, while the latter was rebuilt after the terrible earthquake in 1693. To experience it as a real Sicilian, you should walk through the old path made of hundred of steps and built to connect the old Ragusa Ibla and the new part, known as Ragusa Superiore (with or without the sun!).


4) Scicli noble buildings: full of splendid building and old palaces, Scicli is a real and unique beauty. In this place you will have the chance to find some old palaces, once belonging to the aristocracy of the city, worthy to visit, such as the Palazzo Beneventano, Palazzo Bonelli and Palazzo Spadaro.


5) one of the beautiful Masserie: if you are wondering what a Masseria is, you should probably go back to the Middle Age, when a few Masters were owning most of the territory, in every land and region, and giving the concession to some of the lucky ones, after called “massari”, in charge to run those places (considered as little and local farms), to cultivate their plot of land and to produce consumer goods to enrich their capital.


After this wonderful tour, look above…the sun is there, again!

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