CasaCiomod is not only a beautiful villa just outside Modica, but also the headquarter’s location of the brand Ciomod.


Ciomod is a brand born in 2003 in the charming city of Modica, homeland of one of the most famous chocolate’s types in the world. The main idea of this project is to combine Ciomod’s own chocolate production, which represents tradition, with a modern and attractive packaging for the market, representing innovation. This is a combination that makes Ciomod very special to us, as they are sharing part of our values and principles. However, these guys’ production does not stop to chocolate only, but it is extended to liquors (can you believe it?!), that you can taste and buy, as a souvenir, choosing between different flavors such as the classic chocolate, cinnamon, fennel, pistachio or almond.


CasaCiomod is not only hosting the heart of the brand, but it is the very unique place where you might have the chance to undertake a complete Ciomod-experience. In fact, the villa is an oasis of peace, where you can stay during your trip around the Ragusa Shire. Suitable for families, couples or groups of friends thanks to the various choice of rooms (double rooms, 3-bed rooms and 4-bed rooms), all equipped with air conditioning, free wi-fi, minibar, tv, heating, private entrance, etc. Moreover, there is a super cool swimming pool, where we personally go every year to spend an afternoon with our friends away from the crowd of the beach. This is not all, because at CasaCiomod you can also enjoy the Sicilian cuisine at the cozy restaurant, where the staff uses and cooks only with Sicilian products such as the “datterino” tomato from Scicli and much more. However, what really captured our attention is the significantly tasty pizza, which makes us come back every year (after the swimming pool). The pizza dot is made with a mixture of flavor, with a long rising time and exclusively prepared with fresh and seasonal products (our favorite is the one with salsiccia, tomato, caciocavallo and rosmarin!).


Finally, if you feel like learning more about Ciomod and all this has not been enough, there is a chance to take part to their chocolate school, organized in their lovely laboratory of Dolci Fonderie next to the Villa. The classes are for both, adults and children, and you will learn more about the tradition and the history of the chocolate from Modica. In addition, you also have the possibility to create your own Modica chocolate bar thanks to the experts that will accompany you through this senses’ journey.


A special thanks goes to ©Ciomod for providing us with beautiful pictures that you will find in the gallery below:


The Villa CasaCiomod - The Villa CasaCiomod swimming pool CasaCiomod - The Villa CasaCiomod - The Room CasaCiomod inside CasaCiomod - The Chocolate Lab Chocolate of Modica Lab CasaCiomod - The Chocolate Lab Chocolate of Modica Lab Chocolate of Modica Lab Chocolate of Modica Lab Chocolate of Modica Lab Chocolate of Modica Lab Chocolate of Modica Lab Chocolate of Modica Lab Chocolate of Modica Lab Chocolate of Modica Lab Chocolate of Modica Lab Chocolate of Modica Lab

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