In the heart of the charming fishing village of Donnalucata, there is a delicious and romantic seafood restaurant on the promenade: Retró.


Retró has a spacious inside space and a couple of tables outside, where you can sit and enjoy the warmth of the Sicilian sun, listening to the magical movements of the Mediterranean Sea waves.


Last summer we had the chance to visit this place, after our parents recommended, and we were enthusiastic of it! To start, they served handmade (still warm) bread with one of the most recognized extra-virgin olive oil producer of the Ragusa Shire. After that, we went for their seafood antipasti that they served with fritto misto, grilled octopus, mussels, etc. Then, we got an outstanding home-made pasta with seafood (in the menu you can find the classic “pasta alle vongole”, “pasta allo scoglio rosso”, “pasta con le sarde”,etc.), which was amazing not only for our stomach, but also for the eyes! We wanted to go for more, but we were already so full and satisfied that we were not able to.


We went there with our family, having also children at the table is not always so easy and manageable, but the people from Retró were really cool, giving them the right space to eat (cooking very quickly what they asked for) and play afterwards. The staff was very flexible to all our requests, very communicative and friendly, even more because we were a very demanding group 🙂


All in all, Retró is a restaurant you cannot miss if you want to have an outstanding dinner in Donnalucata (and if you are wondering about the price range, it is classifiable around the middle range compared to others in the area. More specifically around 40 euros per person, including wine, which we find very good in relation to the high quality and freshness of everything, especially the fish), followed probably by an unforgettable walk on the promenade and an ice cream at our beloved  gelateria Red Moon!


Enjoy the gallery!

Retro_Ingresso Retro_Olio Retro_piatto Retro_panecaldo Retro_Antipasto Retro_frittomisto Retro_pastascoglio Retro_Pesce_fresco Retro_terrazza

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