Ciccio Sultano (don’t forget to visit his fancy website, always plenty of tasty news: is, without any fear of denial, the king of Ragusa Ibla. Not only because is the most famous chef in the town (and most likely in Sicily), but because he invested its time and money in Ibla when nobody used to do.


He is our Sultan, because he speaks great English, because he specialised abroad and especially because he was the first to believe it. He believed that there is a RagusaShire. Before Montalbano, before all. Even before us.


I remember when I ate the first time in its restaurant Duomo: I had the same feeling of the best restaurants of Italy (I had already saved a good experience at that time). This was quite strange for Ragusa and especially for Ibla, which was not the tourism capital of RagusaShire as you know it today.


By his commitment and entrepreneurship he affirmed himself in Ragusa, then in Sicily and now internationally as one of the best chef, but most importantly as an interpreter of the Sicilian (and particularly from Ragusa) cuisine.


I wish you have the chance and possibility (also financially speaking) to enjoy the hospitality of Duomo restaurant in Ibla, but if you prefer an informal location where you can smell local tastes and flavors – at affordable price – do not miss to stop to I Banchi (his second restaurant/son, read our full review here) in Ragusa Ibla. All raw materials come from his farm L’Aia Gaia, which is not far from the restaurants.


We know that Ciccio is launching a new and exciting project in Ibla: he is expanding Duomo and opening a lounge bar in the same building. We are starving to try this new experience.


For us and for the rest of the world, Ciccio Sultano is the most prominent presence in the touristic sector in Sicily, and last but not least is the president of Le Soste di Ulisse, a restaurants network comprising the best locations in Sicily. Have a look to their website.


Thank you Ciccio for constantly inspiring us!


Photo: courtesy of Duomo.

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