#1 Walk randomly between the Ragusa Ibla streets in the evening


#2 Visit the Montalbano’s terrace and eat at one of Joseph Micieli‘s restaurants (Punta Secca)


#3 Watch the panorama from the highest viewpoint in Modica


#4 Eat at Duomo Restaurant (by Ciccio Sultano) or at least at I Banchi Restaurant


#5 Visit the Castle of Donnafugata and get lost in its labyrinth


#6 Enter the Montalbano Police Office (in Scicli) and then go directly to Enzo a Mare restaurant to eat like the inspector (in Punta Secca)


#7 Admir the sunset over the sea cycling on the bike lane of Marina di Ragusa


# 8 Eat under the stars sitting in the Piazza di Diana in Comiso


# 9 Have breakfast at Caffé Italia and walk around the city center of Ragusa Superiore


# 10 Buy fresh fish at the Donnalucata fish market and then do a barbecue in your rented Ragusa Shire’s shelter


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